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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Not Yet!

Hi... Shroooooom Hunters
I usually get 60 - 100 yellows every year
But so far in Canada we haven't seen a sign yet.

We usually start lookin about the third week in april.

But I Must say I Have already check my for sure sights.... and have come up empty so far.

I Can't wait to taste those little bugger's

I Live In
St Thomas Ontario
Morel Luck to you

P.S. Let me Know when the finds get close to the great lakes?


State: Canada

Re: Not Yet!

I am from Iowa and have a cabin in northern Ontario about 100 miles north of savant Lake and about 30 miles south of pickle lake should I look in this location and if so what trees or conditions are you looking for


State: Ames Iowa

Re: Re: Not Yet!

Have you ever tried out by red rock? It pretty good morel hunting


State: Iowa

Re: Re: Re: Not Yet!

I will be just north of pleasentville thursday the 14th they should be good by then they got a inch and a half of rain last night so they should be good ask the locals where pinchy grove is basically head north from pleasentville to the trees you will be able to see the lake from here


State: Ames Iowa