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Mayapples and Blacks

Mayapples are emerging and unfolding. Its been too cool at night lately but was in mid 50's last night and tonight, bet they are ready tomm.

State: Northwest Arkansas

Re: Mayapples and Blacks

I'm in the Fayetteville area of NW Ar and this will be my first year to hunt morels. can you give me any tips as to the best times or environments to find them in? also, how big (general rule) are the morels in this area? i figure i'll need a good idea of just what to look for and where to be sucessful.
thanks! R.P.


State: NW AR

Re: Re: Mayapples and Blacks

My best hunts have been around sycamores and ash trees. I prefer sycamores along creeks, or around the lake (Beaver). They come in all sizes, we picked between 40 and 50 lbs last year. I'm in the Rogers area. I expect them to surface this week with this weather.

State: Northwest Arkansas