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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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great finds this year!

Well to start i have had my best year for two reasons decided to bring my 5 yr old daughter this year found 65 half and blacks she interested had tons of fun hated walking we worked for the sixty five.....went back second day to find what shes calling our jackpot secret spot ran into a patch with a little of eveything mostly halfs andblacks total that day 300 now she went from interested to in love she know can identify each moreal where to look and how to pick also she found about a seven and a half in black thats her big black monster she says went next day same place forty more. Not only my biggest patch hers also good one to begin with. Went with brother next day to scout found my four monsters big yellows weighing a pound all together. Needless to say scout didnt last long went today only came out with 28 huge yellow and grey. Its been good start this year but with all that the thing ill never forget is that smile on her face everytime she found one little over four hundred....lot of smiles great memory and great feeling to pass this down to her....oh yea got yelled at since i went today while she was in school she was not happy.....shes got that mushroom fever already


State: indiana