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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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New to the hunt

Hey looking for some info where and when to hunt shrooms in east central minnesota need some direction(woodlots,wetlands,swampy areas, what type of trees, brush etc.)Not looking for locations to hunt,but how to hunt! THANKS

Email: OTTO_*****

State: Minnesota

Re: New to the hunt

Hi.. I too am new to the hunt this year. I have been hunting once many years ago with my mom who is a seasoned hunter! This year I'm even working in a timber cleaning it up for new fence line. I am wondering if the shrooms are out yet in northeastern Iowa, 40 miles west of the Dubuque area? Also I've heard many different ways to hunt them and where to look, but I've checked for a week now around naked elm, dead decaying tress that are laying on the ground, in the roses and brush and I can't find any. I even prayed first and tried sweet talking them to show themselves but no such luck. So I need to know if anyone's found them in my area and some "how to tips", so it might be a bit easier to find them! Thanks!


State: Iowa