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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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just feel like ranting

hope i am not boring anyone here, but i feel like "talking". i am new here to georgia and this place is beutiful.RED DIRT-TALL PINES. these shrooms should be up soon here. everything is starting to green-up. i just moved from michigan and the woods are a little diffrent but not much. a lot of people say that they know when the morels are ready by the fact that the mayapples are up, ramps are up and various other things. havent seen any of those plants down here yet. i guess they grow here. MY biggest indicator for the morels has always been when i started seeing all the turtles walking around in the woods. i guess the ground is just the right temp for the morels when it is time for the "FLINTSTONE ARMY HELMUTS' to start crawling around. so, i guess i will keep taking the grandkids out so we can find them a turtle and hopefully a mesh full of morels . should be soon, we are getting a good warm rain today. that will help. i think sometimes i talk too much. bye for now.


State: georgia