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Why a Bad Year

In all I have read on mushrooms, they always say the temps should be 50 degrees at night. Here in Iowa we have had very few of those nights. In the upper 60's and 70's during the day. Even this week, our lows are in the low 40's. Tomorrow it is suppossed to be in the mid 60's and lows in the upper thirties tomorrow night. I definitely think this has been more of a bad temperature year for mushrooms, instead of the extra snow last winter. I'm going out to check tomorrow and that will probably be the last for me. I'm tired of walking after such cold nights only to find a few. We've had a couple bad years in a row now. I bet next year will be a good one.

State: IA hardin and marshall county

Re: Why a Bad Year

i wouldn't give up yet we picked 76 today in a snow storm. i doubt it has been 50 degrees up there at night yet. our temps for lows have been in the low 30's with the last 2 nights in the low 40's. i always heard 3 nights at 50 degrees then go look but that idea sort of went the other way today. good luck


State: washington