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looking for a panel

Looking for a 57-60 Ford panel to restore. Would like to find one that the body is in good condition. Don't care if it runs or not. The more there, the better off I will be. So if you know of one sitting in someone's backyard, talk to them and see if they are considering selling in these money-tight times.
Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I am always watching Craigslist so it you see one on it, you can rest assured that I have seen it also.


Re: looking for a panel

Lots of 51 thru 56 around. Let me know if your interested in any of those and I can send you some links. Havent found any 57 or above yet

Re: looking for a panel

You know how nuts I am...... I want something a little different than most. I think differently it seems. But keep looking. You never know.....
Like John S. said, "you got to kiss alot of frogs, before you find that special piece of a--".

Re: looking for a panel

I found what I wanted. It's a 1959 Ford panel.