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1956 Ford Panel and F-100 parts

I need to get rid of my 1956 Ford Panel,it has a Voltaire front clip,the job was done Right,also has a Versailles rear-end,=4 wheel dis brakes,body is solid,good shape,hood is not good ,fr,fenders not so good either.
I have a Ford 302 and C-4 ready to go in,does need motor mounts.
I have perfect 56 doors,doors have factory vent glass and nice outside door handles the rest is gutted,but I have the parts.
2 sets of fiberglass fender,one set is high quality,also have slant cab, doors ,fair shape...many other parts,like 2 stock front suspension units=1 stock rear end,custom rear sway bar...etc,please email me with questions,I live in the San Francisco Bay

Re: 1956 Ford Panel and F-100 parts

Bill asks,"How much you asking"?Jesse,"I wanted $6500 for everything,heck I have $3000 in the suspension conversion". Bill,"would you take $4500"?
Jesse,"I might,if I can not sell it for more in the next few months,but I will meet you half way and take $5500 right now,that is s great deal"
Bill," I can not right" now"Jesse,"will if you want to just buy the 56 Panel"I might do that,let me think about it" .
In the mean time I will advertise it in more places and see if I have any hits,if you are interested in making me a offer please contact me. I have many stock suspension parts.