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The Old School Rebranded

From Septemebr it will be called

"Knowsley Park Centre for Learning – serving Prescot, Whiston and the wider community"

Full story on Echo website

Re: The Old School Rebranded

Andrew (and Trevor), many thanks for airing this.

The "Centre for Learning" reflects that the site will be open all hours, not just for school. That branding is to afflict all Knowsley secondary schools (although the funding comes from the "Building Schools for the Future" private finance intiative -

Christ the King Catholic and Church of England Centre for Learning
Halewood Centre for Learning
Kirkby Sports College
Huyton Arts & Sports Centre for Learning
Knowsley Park Centre for Learning - serving Prescot, Whiston and the wider community
All Saints Catholic Centre for Learning
St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Centre for Learning

- that much of the battle must already be lost.

"Knowsley Park" without the lane was a regular cross country run for the school, and the Safari Park was work in the holidays - (at least it's not "Knowsley Safari Park School").

But there are no schools nearer "Knowsley" called "Knowsley" anything.

We can't turn the clock back, but with such a mouthful of a name, the school will surely only be known as "Knowsley Park".

Perhaps "Prescot and Whiston Centre for Learning" would fit in better with the rest of the names,and at least reflect a tiny bit of the history of both donor schools.

All we need to do is engulf the new governors with a request to revise the name.

But we need to agree on the name, and then round up the numbers (via

(PGS 1971-78)

Re: The Old School Rebranded

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being ruled by your inferiors" - Plato
He was, of course, not entirely accurately translated. He meant 'you end up being ruled by stupid cnuts'.
But his spelling wasn't very good.

Re: The Old School Rebranded

What does it matter? Memories of PGS remain as the old wooden building that went up in smoke. They can never be changed.

Re: The Old School Rebranded

I agree with Loz.

The twitch weak awl arose, biennial than aim, woods mellows wheat.

Re: The Old School Rebranded

This was featured on North West Tonight tonight. Sorry I have a stutter.

Re: The Old School Rebranded

The rebranding went ahead and a government minister visited on the first day as reported in the echo a couple of weeks ago.

Re: The Old School Rebranded

Well there we are.

We were'nt effective enough or just too apathetic to stop some jobsworth give himself some self importance and destroy our 465 years of history.

Lost the cause and now we weep when we read Wikipedia and it describes our old school as Created in 1544 and Closed in 2009.

The red and black new badge is a joke.
Designed by a chimpanzee no doubt and that is an insult to primates.

Re: The Old School Rebranded

I thought I'd re-open this little gem from the forum for the first time in two years. It still is a mind boggling mystery that someone somewhere (probably overpaid and underworked!) sat down and after much research and contemplation came up with a name like this. As if "school" had disappeared from the dictionary. I can't see it lasting for several hundred years. Has anyone heard or read how this educational establishment is progressing? According to statistics that come out once in a while, Knowsley has one of the worst reputations in England for learning, child poverty, etc. Makes it sound like the Third World! We know of course that's in Yorkshire. Monty Python told us so all those years ago!

Re: The Old School Rebranded

We all lived 'int shoebox 'int middle of road.
My road was Sutherland Road Prescot.


Just like our school's illustrious history.