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It was forty years ago today.

Not quite what Sgt. Pepper said.
I left PGS forty years ago at the end of June.

It is nearly seven years since I wrote the 1961 intake list. This last seven years have passed a lot faster than the seven years at PGS.

How sad to see this once interesting forum implode.

Catch my website via Google, "Dave Farrier bus photos for sale". I've acquired some excellent photos taken at the Tinling's terminus, do you remember the cafe?
Also lots of Liverpool & St Helens Corpy, MPTE, Crosville, Ribble and Lancashire United.

Dave Farrier (Oldham)

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Oh for a picture of the H14 outside the Hope & Anchor or the H8 in Cross Street.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

I can't believe that any bus ever went down Cross Street, the street past the rear (kitchen) gates to PGS.

I have a photo of an orange Lancs United on the 39 at the Hope & Anchor in 1980.

What brilliant folk clun nights there were at the Hope & Anchor, hosted by our own Tony "Boris" Gill around 1971/72. Pity about the beer being Greenall Whitley.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Dave, not sure if you mean that you don't believe it happened or if you know it did but can't believe that it did (if you see what I mean?).

Got to admit that my memory is a bit hazy on the name of the street but we certainly went out of the back gate and caught the bus in one of the back streets, Suppose it may have been Grosvenor Road but from current maps, Cross Street looks like the right one.

I think we had the H7, H8, H10 & H11 stopping there but wouldn't swear to it. Anybody remember the routes of these buses? They're getting mixed up in my memory.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Buses neither ran down Cross Street nor Grosvenor Road.

I used to "commute" from St Johns Corner in Huyton to PGS.

Until the major route renumbering of hundreds of Crosville route numbers in 1958, the route was the 116 with different variants having a suffix letter (116A, 116B, etc).

By the time that I started at PGS in 1961 the basic routes to Prescot all from Liverpool (Mann Island) were:
H8 via Huyton Quarry, Whiston Hospital (3 per hour)
H11 via Huyton Quarry, Cross Lane (1 per hour)
H12 via Windy Arbour Road, Whiston Hospital (1 per hour) (at 8:25 there were 3 H12s, usually the old style with 4-seater benches and a sunken gangway upstairs).

The H11 and H12 crossed over at Whiston Village giving a bus to either Huyton Quarry or Whiston Hospital four times an hour.

There were also peak hour extras:
H9 same as the H8 but with a double run down Wilson Road (at that time a cul-de-sac) to Huntley and Palmers for the office staff.
H10 at 8:20 a.m. which was the same as the H11 but did double runs down Wilson Road as per H9 and also down Ellis Ashton Street.
H13 via Windy Arbour Road then Cross Lane for the BICC office staff.

The H7 was years later, so I have no memory of it.

There was alternatively the 89 from Speke to St Helens which went the opposite way along Tarbock Road then via Huyton Lane.
This was a joint service using 3 St Helens Corpy, 1 Crosville and 0 Ribble (really) buses. St Helens had a mixture of female "battleaxe" clippies or teddy-boy quiffed conductors.

My favourite was the H10 as it gave a longer time to copy homework, especially as it had a new type of bus with a four-seater bench at the front upstairs and a huge formica ledge (housing the heater) which was ideal to use as a desk.

Some of the lads from the Bowring Park area used the above routes but could have used the quicker H14 via Huyton Lane.

We used to run out of the back gate down Grosvenor Road to catch the 16:05 number 89 to catch the girls who had a 15 minute start to get out of Prescot.

If anyone wants, I can bore you with the H2,H3,H4,39, 317, 320, 90, 93, 97, Liverpool 10 and 510.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

I can remember the Whiston Crosvilles using Grosvenor Road in my last year at PGS (1968/9).The buses used to stop at Pennington Gardens then turn right into Wycherley Street then Grosvenor Road.I'm not sure how long this temporary arrangement lasted but it was probably months rather than weeks,maybe longer.The terminus by Prescot Church was being used in the mid seventies.At this distance there doesn't seem to be any reason not to have transferred the terminus directly from Hope Street to the new one.I don't know whether the H14 used Grosvenor Road.

The H7 was a direct replacement for the H11,probaly when the H6 was introduced.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Thanks, Bill.

I stand corrected about Grosvenor Road.
I should have said "Not in my time at PGS".

Hope Street was a busy terminus at 16:20 with the H8, H14 and 93? turning at the T junction outside Prescot Town's ground.

When I knew the H6 it was a once daily variation of the H5 that turned off at the Black Horse (Farnworth) and went to Runcorn I.C.I.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Cheers Bill. Grosvenor Road is was then. The buses carried on stopping there until at least 1971 and probably later until they built the new terminus by the Deans House.

The extra walk / run made it virtually impossible for us to catch the "early" buses.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Just another thought. Remembered that in my day the H12 was usually a single decker and was one of the first to experiment with no conductors and an honesty box by the driver.

Didn't last long because we all used to fill our pockets with 1p and 2p coins and throw them in to make it look like we were paying a lot of money.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Wasn't it a Crosville bus that ran over Mark Saunders'leg in the 70's ?

I remember how we all used to cheer when one of the 'white lady' type of buses materialised at the bus-stop instead of the usual drudgery.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

The "White Lady" type (a Ribble term) were the 10 luxurious coach-seated double-deckers for the summer Liverpool-Llandudno service, 55 seats and a luggage hold instead of 70 seats. At least we had the benefit of them in the winter.
One of these is my top-selling photograph, See

The H12 farebox buses were Seddons, made in the dump where I now live (Oldham). They bought 100 of them, but they only lasted 10 years, but nice when brand new.

Was this the Mark Saunders who was the only boy in our year with running spikes? He could walk across the car cark at The Grapes on his hands after 6 pints.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

No Dave, Mark was after your time. Yes Keith, it was a Crosville that ran over Mark. Think it was one of the ones that ran through to Rainhill (H2/3/4?).

I think someone told me that Mark had died (not when the bus ran over his leg) but that might be my memory going again.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

There is a photo of a crosville bus on

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Hmmm. Maybe it was another horrible incident, but I think it was actually Ian Taylor (67 Intake) who's leg went under an H2 or 3.
Wet conditions, he (if it was him) chanced running across the zebra crossing near to Whiteheads Shop to catch a Corpy. Seemed to realise he wasn't going to beat the Crosville (coming from Whiston direction which didn't have time to stop. He skidded, the bus skidded, and a leg went under the front offside wheel. Nasty injury ensued but could clearly have been much worse. He was the second PGS pupil I'd seen badly injured by a vehicle.
Like all the other horrified youngsters about, just stood stunned at what I'd just seen.
Nowadays of course I'd know to call 999 on my mobile and wait for the paramedics to arrive.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Definitely a separate accident GP.

Re: It was forty years ago today.

Wow, are you guys for real? Forty years ago the buses were pretty crap as far as I remember. Smoking upstairs was disgusting, I did like the open door at the back though where you could jump on and off. The ticket inspectors had amazing memories and often told you to get off where you should get off (instead of paying a cheap fare and travelling much further). One of my favourite rides as a kid was from Prescot on the 97 to visit my grandparents in Thatto Heath, and then a visit to Taylor Park where my uncle worked. What bus went to Carr Mill Dam from Prescot? I used to catch that one to go fishing. Forty years ago today in fact!