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Pennine Way Training 1973

Forty years ago this summer at the end of my third year at PGS I was part of the motley crew who would go on the Pennine Way trip that Roy Taylor had organised. First though I had to do some training to prove that I was not a complete and utter wimp, hoping I wouldn't fall at the first hurdle (or dry stone wall). After buying some new hiking boots from the camping shop in Prescot I had to wear them in. So two months before the trip started, in May 1973, I used to go for long walks by myself, usually early on a Sunday morning. I'd walk from Prescot, past our school, left into Burrows Lane past the reservoirs and cricket club, out into the countryside! Find my way to the East Lancs Road and hike for miles up to Carr Mill Dam, where once in a while I'd go fishing (but that's another story). Getting there was OK and then came the realisation that I had to walk all the way back! It was good practice though and as the weeks went by my legs got stronger and my boots got softer until at the end of July that year I was ready for the real thing. Edale to Scotland!