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Apocalypse Now

Well, this is it. The End! Here today, gone tomorrow. A quick look at my Mayan calendar tells me that most of you will not even get to read this. The end of the world is nigh. In fact it's today. Just enough time to check my list of things to do before the apocalypse arrives. Finally open that bottle of single malt I've been saving for a special occasion! Give the Doors a final spin on the turntable and listen to Jim singing "This is the End". And give Santa a call to ask him if there's any chance of him popping over four days early this year so I can at least have a look at my pressies before the disaster kicks in. So, to one and all, Goodbye and Good Luck. As Jimi once sang "If I don't see you no more in this world, meet you in the next one, don't be late". If not, see you all down the Welly tomorrow. Mine's a brown bitter.

Re: Apocalypse Now

But why the Welly?

If you remember "What We Did On Our Holidays", Sandy Denny and Ian Matthews suggested that we "Meet On The Ledge".