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Dr Glyn Phillips

In the very early online Prescotian days, I swapped a number of messages with Glyn Phillips, who was a couple of years above me, wrote humourously, and we had Rainhill as our home whilst at PGS.

But back in the 70's, I knew of him, he maybe knew of me. No more.

I knew Glyn had been at Hillsborough on the fateful day, but didn't realise his involvement until very recently, and indeed, heard him on Five Live last night, when he spoke with passion, muted anger and with clarity. The station re-played an interview he did, on April 15th 1989, with Alan Green, in the IMMEDIATE aftermath. What Glyn said then was not only chilling, but 100% accurate.

I don't suppose there is a shred of "I told you so" about how Glyn feels now, but if he, or anyone who knows him better than me, sees this, can you tell him he did himself, his family and friends, all LFC fans, the wider football community, his profession,......and Prescot Grammar School, very proud indeed.

Re: Dr Glyn Phillips

Very well said Ste. People like Glyn can stand proud and hold their heads high unlike so many others of the so called British Establishment. After reading so many shocking facts that have been released this last week concerning the cover up and the pathetic apologies by police officers, mayors, MPs and media chiefs I can only shake my head in absolute frustration. Let's hope that the great wheels of justice continue to roll and that all guilty and shamed parties be shown up for what they are. SCUM!

Re: Dr Glyn Phillips

Thank you for the very kind comments.
I have never thought that what I said on the day made me different to any other LFC fan there. We all knew what was to blame. And I don't think that that it took much guessing to suspect that great attempts would be made to push all the blame onto fans. An opportunity presented itself for me to speak to broadcaster Jimmy Hill, Kenny Dalglish and live on radio to get on the record from a near victim and witness what had really happened. What I didn't and couldn't have known at the time was that the lying had already started with Duckenfield telling Graham Kelly of the FA that fans had broken down the gate.
The only thing that matters now is that the families of those killed at last have the opportunity for proper justice to be seen to be done. Collectively their grieving has been put on hold for 23 years. They deserved better just as their lost loved ones deserved better from those who had a duty of care that day.