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Absolutely Conkers

Back to school in September was always a hassle after the long summer break but the Autumn term did have it's highlights. One of the things I loved was the annual conker fights. Seeing your best conker smash somebody else's to smithereens was a very satisfying experience. Mine's a 29'er somebody would boast. Come on then, I'll have yer! Various methods were tried at prolonging a conker's life or making it into a champion. Overnight soaking in a vinegar solution, a short spell in the oven or whatever. I haven't played for years of course but I just might pick a few up in the park for old times sake and take them down the pub. Any contenders?

Re: Absolutely Conkers

First day at school, the door slammed shut
Into Alpha I was put
Because my name is Tony C
Does anybody remember me?