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Are Grammar Schools elitist?

There's an article in today's Guardian by Fiona Millar in which she argues that Grammar Schools belong to an elitism that has to stop and as they are on the rise again the left mustn't be complacent about them any longer. Many readers have posted their views after the article which makes interesting reading. I was no admirer of the 11+ system even after having passed the test as anyone can have a bad day. I am still an admirer of Grammar School education though (my daughter attends one in Germany). It should be free, open to all who are capable of learning at that level whatever their family background and mixed i.e. not only boys! We had "sets" at PGS in subjects such as Maths and Languages. That kind of sorted out the weak from the strong and seemed to function well. I never thought of us as being elitists. PGS was no Eton but a lot different from other teaching establishments such as Whiston Central (Secondary Modern). Is there a place for Grammar Schools in today's complex educational landsacape?

Re: Are Grammar Schools elitist?