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ABC Football Cards

ABC footy cards were out in the late 60s, early 70s. In my first year at PGS I remember collecting them and always having a wad of swaps with me to exchange with schoolmates. It was the time of Ian St John and Roger Hunt, Francis Lee and Colin Bell, Billy Bremner and Gary Sprake. On the front was the player portrayed wearing his kit, in the days before sponsored shirts flooded the market. On the back were a few details of his career and club and then there was a hidden treat that you had to rub with the edge of a coin. Usually a True or False question like "Did Derby County really win the FA Cup in 1961?" or a Did You Know type fact like "Did you know that Matt Busby has a dog called Shankly!?" They've all gone now of course. A recent check on e-Bay though brought to my attention that some of the cards go for as much as a fiver a piece these days. Anyone got a collection still in the attic?

Re: ABC Football Cards

Found this:
Remember so many of these! There was one set (don't think it was ABC) that I was missing Roger Hunt for months. Finally did a swap with a lad on the lemonade van (not the Alpine man!)

Re: ABC Football Cards

Thanks for that Bubble, it brought back a lot of memories. Especially the Esso coin collection that I also had of the World Cup squad for Mexico 1970.

Re: ABC Football Cards

Think I may well have one or two of them knocking around in the loft.