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Joe Kirk's worst pupil

I was recently helping a friend of mine to write some lyrics for a new song he was composing when he asked me why had I never bothered to learn to play a musical instrument. A good question! As a music freak and someone who still spends a lot of money on enjoying both recorded and live music I can't really answer the question. Laziness, lack of ambition or simply fear of failure? Several kids in my form did make the effort during our PGS years and went on to play in the school orchestra. How many of you did the same and are still playing to this day? Looking back I should have made the effort to learn three chords and got a band together to challenge Status Quo at least!!!

Re: Joe Kirk's worst pupil

Out of MY love and interest in music, and whilst encouraging my son, I was myself persuaded by a guitar teacher to have a go. That was six years ago. I am not very good (if you can play).

If you can't then I am Eric Clapton.

Amazing how many people will sing Sloop John B to the accompaniment of a very average but enthusiastic player