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Billy The Jew

With the Luis Suarez saga dragging on for months and Liverpool Football Club's reputation and history being tainted by the poison pen of most of the British media it made me think of something. In this modern age of political correctness would we get away with calling one of our teachers "Billy the Jew"? We did forty odd years ago but was it racist, insulting, shameful or just a witty nickname like "Beak"? What was the background of Mr Gray, our teacher for Scripture (R.E) and sport. I do remember he loved the Old Testament but was he of Jewish origin?

Re: Billy The Jew

Does anyone remember the "Jew Shop" on London Rd opposite TJ Hughes back in the '70s? A great place to buy discount price jeans and jackets in those days. Levis, Wranglers, Lees etc. Not sure if the old couple who ran the place were scousers but Billy the Jew would have fitted perfectly. Maybe his wife was Teresa! "Ey Billy, there's a fella 'ere wants a pair of dem new kecks, button up Levis. We gorrany in yet?"

Re: Billy The Jew

I was an All Mankind man myself. Further down the road on the right.