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Best Years Of Our Lives?

How many times have we heard that our schooldays are the best years of our lives? Does anybody actually believe that? With an 18 year old daughter coming to the end of her school life next year I've got to thinking about it again. It's ridiculous of course, unless you've had a disastrous time after leaving school. It was all well and good being in the shelter of the family home and having few financial worries etc but life really does start after you take that first step into the big world as an young adult. In a way I'm jealous of the position my daughter is in. What would I do in her situation? Would I do it all over again as I did 36 years ago? Who knows? but I'm sure I'd feel elated to be out of school, just as I felt on that summers day in 1975!

Re: Best Years Of Our Lives?

The best time in my life (apart from just after meeting my darling wife, of course!) was straight after school. I worked for 9 weeks at Butlins Barry Island. That was great after leaving home. OK, it was like being in prison doing hard labour at times, but you felt free in a way you didn't at home. I had some revelatory and highly pleasurable experiences that summer (wink, wink). Aaaahhhh.

Re: Best Years Of Our Lives?

Fuzz / Paul

I too have pondered this phrase, and have changed my mind many times. But as at today, I am going along with what my wife said this morning when I moaned about getting up in the dark....getting home in the dark....."embrace it" she said, "you can't do owt about it."

On that note I shall recall all previous "best days" and look forward to what's left of today, and tomorrow, and many more (I hope! ) days which are set to also become best days.



Re: Best Years Of Our Lives?

My Gran said they were, so they must have been. Didn't seem so at the time but I tell my school hating son the same. Hopefully he will one day continue the tradition.