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50 years ago

It dawned on me today that it was 50 years ago last week that I started at PGS.

Since I wrote a similar piece on the 40th anniversary, the traffic on this forum has dried up to a trickle.

Where are you all?

Dave Farrier

Re: 50 years ago

....some of us pop in here now and again, Dave


Re: 50 years ago

How's your memory Dave? Can you remember that first day at PGS from Sept 1961? If so let us know by starting a new thread, post etc and we'll all join in!

Re: 50 years ago

I'm happy to join the "first day" thread here and now....I had lived in Pontypool, (Monmouthshire at the time) from 1967 - 69 and passed my 11 plus. My dad worled for Pilks, hence the move there. On our return, though he'd have liked me to go to Cowley as he did, we couldn't get their house location was based on where the grammar school were so it was either Selwyn Jones in Newton le Willows, Up Holland Grammar or regrets looking back, but I remember standing on the playground knowing NO-ONE. Everyone else had mates who they'd come from Primary School with.

I managed to pal up with David Whitfield for a short while, and then, in Kappa, sat next to Graham Hand, who lived in Rainford, and emigrated to Aussie at the end of the second year. That first day, with pristine uniform (the cap of which can be seen on the home page!) shiny satchel and new Wayfinder shoes (with animal tracks logos on the soles .....the first form grouping with Tom Carty......timetables given out....a CWB ..... text books you had to cover with brown paper to protect them .....the smell of the canteens .... playing 28 a side footy with a tennis ball .....reading the noticeboard ......worst of all finding your way to all the rooms....and being labelled a newt!

Re: 50 years ago

My main impression on arriving at PGS for the first time in Sept 1970 was that it was very much a different world from what I'd been used to. I'd passed my 11-plus at Prescot C of E School in Bryer Rd which was brand new at the time, having been open for about 18 months. All mod cons there! Walking through the gates on St Helens Rd and seeing what resembled an army barracks was a shock, lessened somewhat when I saw the new buildings and huge school field. I was in One Omega in the classroom on the corner next to the 6th Form block and the toilets with a view of the canteen when I looked out of the window. Mr Harris (Maths teacher) was our form master and he made a good first impression allowing us newts to settle in. Of the 120 or so boys who were the intake that year I only knew one, a lad who lived in my road and joined me from the C of E School. My Dad had also attended Cowley Grammar but PGS was the obvious choice for me as it was within walking distance from where I lived. I remember feeling weird walking to school that day wearing long trousers for the first time as part of my uniform and carrying a leather briefcase! In class we were sorted alphabetically with Roy Prescott at the front and Matthew Wood at the back. I was in the middle with an ancient desk complete with inkpot like something from a Dicken's novel. Looking at all the books we were given, the scale of the timetable and the fact that we'd be getting about three subjects as homework each day, I just thought (Oh, Oh!) Two things that fascinated me were the trapdoors leading to underground passageways beneath the classrooms and the fact that a lot of teachers roamed around in black cloaks.