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Pulp Fiction, Sci-Fi and Comics

Looking back, it's interesting to remember what kind of stuff we were reading and passing around at PGS in contrast to the English Lit we were force fed by the teachers. "Aaaagh, not Macbeth again!" It depended on what age you were of course but a few things do stick in my mind. For a while trashy novels such as "Skinhead", "Suedehead" and "Hells Angels" were all the rage. This was the early 70s of course when gang culture was still trendy. Something completely different was the Sci-Fi scene. We were in the middle of the space race and a lot of that type of literature was written by atheists, anarchists or simply people with a vision of just what might be out there. Michael Moorcock was popular amongst Hawkwind fans as he sometimes contributed to the bands music and others preferred Isaac Asimov or Ursula le Guin. There was even a lad in my form who wrote his own short stories. I remember a certain line that went "the mind's eye boggled and fell off it's platform". It cracked me up at the time. I was also into comics, my favourite being MAD. I loved the artistic brilliance of Don Martin and his surreal sense of humour and still have one of his annuals today. The rest of my collection has sadly gone AWOL which is a pity. Probably worth a small fortune today.