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End of The World!

One of my favourite songs by REM contains the line "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine!" What could be more fitting this weekend as we see the last issue of News of the World hit the streets before it vanishes for good. It really is something to celebrate. I've never felt comfortable with the tabloid press, especially those owned by Murdoch. The S*n is regarded as a disgrace on Merseyside after all the lies it printed about Liverpool fans and their families so the fall from grace of NOTW is quite satisfying to see. At this time of the year when many of us head south for a holiday around the Med it's also embarassing to see how many Brits abroad run off to the shop early in the morning to purchase their favourite tabloid before settling by the pool or on the beach to catch up with all the "news" from back home. Sad but true. Let's hope the upcoming investigation into journalists, their work ethics and the newspaper industry in general in the UK leads to better quality in the future. Or are there any PGS, PGGS, PS people out there who need their daily shot of gossip and scandal?