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Happy 40th Knowsley Safari Park

There was a feature on North West Tonight last friday about the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Safari Park better known in my era (68-75) as the venue for the annual torture of the Inter House Cross Country Race and (before the animals) Mr Stoddart's Orienteering Club.

Re: Happy 40th Knowsley Safari Park

The cross country race through Knowsley Park was indeed a killer. Not only exhausting but cold, filthy and wet. I've just had a look at the Liverpool AZ trying to remember exactly where we had to endure the torture and it all looks so nice on the map. A green spacious area surrounded by reservoirs and the safari park with names like Knoll House, Keeper's House and Yates Plantation. After leaving PGS I would go on to enjoy the delights of Yates' Wine Lodge, but that's a different story!