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The English language doesn't have a word to rival the German "Schadenfreude" which is a pity. Why that should be I have no idea because we as a race are no better or worse (in thinking that malicious joy or extreme gloating under certain circumstances is a fine thing indeed) than our European neighbours across the North Sea. One fine example was the Champions League Final at the weekend. It was an absolute delight to see Manchester United taken apart by the skills of a Barcelona team that verged on perfect football. To see the Mancs running around Wembley Stadium like headless chickens trying to get a kick of the ball was a pure joy to behold especially after Ferguson had claimed in the press before the game that this was to be the "game of the decade" and they'd prepared for this match as best as a team could possibly prepare. As a Liverpool supporter I went to bed with a smile on my face and was happy that one of our ex-players was part of United's destruction on the night. Mascherano even dedicated the win to all his friends and fans on Merseyside!. And so it remains: LFC 5, Man Ure 3. Nice one!

Re: Schadenfreude

I also went to bed with a smile on my face when Liverpool crashed out of the Thursday night cup to the mighty.....................FC Braga. LOL