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Return of the King

Best news of the day as I checked the Guardian website is without a doubt the fact that Kenny Dalglish has been given a 3 year contract to carry on the good work he's been doing along with Steve Clarke at Anfield. What a turn around from the misery of 6 months ago! FSG seem to be doing things right. Let's hope for some investment in key areas in the summer. For any Bluenoses out there (and I think Trevor's one!) EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!

Re: Return of the King

What a difference a year makes! Still feel somewhat gobsmacked by the sacking of Kenny but life goes on and nobody is bigger than the club. The new fella is making all the right noises so let's hope Brendan Rodgers has a positive influence on the Reds and the attacking football that he's promised us comes to fruition. As we used to sing in the old days "Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack!"