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Tuck Shop Favourites

When I joined PGS it was around the time of the change from pounds, shillings and pence to decimal currency and what better way to spend all those new coins jangling in our pockets than to pay a visit to the Tuck Shop. Some of my favourite snacks were Wagon Wheels, Dundee biscuits, Aztec and Marathon chocky bars, Treets, Opal Fruits, Smith's Crisps (with the little blue bag of salt) and sweet, fizzy, herbal drinks like Sasparilla, Ginger Beer and Dandelion and Burdock. Gobstoppers the size of golf balls would last ages until you got to the chewing gum in the middle. Penguins were also tasty. I remember decorating the front of my French exercise book with the wrappers which were metallic foil in those days.

Re: Tuck Shop Favourites

There was a time when a post like this would almost immediately have been followed by "What? No Zings?"

Re: Tuck Shop Favourites

It was funny listening to the assortment of accents at PGS, especially around places like the Tuck Shop. The woolybacks often having a different vocabulary to the scousers. When the woolies asked for a bottle of pop the scousers would ask for a lemo (regardless of the flavour of the fizzy drink). When woolies wanted a toffee the scousers wanted a sweet (despite EFC being known as The Toffees). If the scousers were skint they would often be heard saying "Go ed, giz yer odds", when the victim was expected to empty his pockets of excess cash, loose change etc! I don't think there was a woolyback equivalent to that particular phrase.

Re: Tuck Shop Favourites

Dundee biscuits were fantastic. Are they still available? They came in packs of 5 I think and were huge and chunky with a thick covering of chocolate on one side and could be bought individually if the seller was prepared to open the pack. There used to be a shop on the corner of St.James' Road and Maryville Rd where the lady was only too happy to sell a huge single biscuit to a hungry schoolkid.

Re: Tuck Shop Favourites

In "those days" shops were more than happy to sell parts of the sum (Maisie's sold cigs as "loosies") and no doubt those fine entreprenuerial corner shops knew that selling single biscuits would be far far more lucrative than selling them in packs.

As far as Tuck Shop favourites go, whither Clock Face ever!