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Obama One, Osama Nil

Some interesting results at the weekend but the one that probably surprised us all was the victory of the Americans over a certain Saudi madman. It was played out on a neutral ground (Pakistan) and under secret conditions i.e. not live on SKY. The result caused instant jubilation across the big pond from the Big Apple to the 'Frisco Bay and as I write thousands are still celebrating in the middle of the night. No league title or cup to show off but a victory that will bring a lot of relief to many. Ex boss George W is probably seething that he can't take the credit and bathe in the limelight but congratulations to Obama for getting one over on Osama. As Jim Morrison once sang "This is the End". God Bless America !!!

Re: Obama One, Osama Nil

Don't fall for the hogwash ! Bin Laden died of kidney failure in the Tora Bora mountains years ago; even the Yanks accepted this after they had water-boarded the info out of Bin Laden's personal driver. Some thoughts:
1) Burying the body at sea, no chance for third party corroboration then
2) "Buried at sea in accordance with the Islamic tradition" - er, I don't think so !
3) Different versions of his death wounds: "2 shots just above the left eye" then "2 shots in the head and 1 to the chest" then "1 shot to the head and 1 to the chest"........boy...these US Navy Seals are some shots !!!!
4) News film footage of the substantial night-time blaze at the "compound" Day-time footage....errrr, where are the scorch and burn-marks on the buildings/trees/shrubs/grass ???
5) That damaged helicopter ? First "encountered technical difficulties and was therefore destroyed by the US Navy Seals" then "the remains of the CRASHED helicopter" ?????
6) Lack of corpse photographs (although I suspect that Universal Studios and other masters of CGI are currently working on this); why ? The US were quick to peddle photographs to the world of Saddam Hussein's two dead sons and the assassinated Al-Zarqawi in Iraq - why not show photos of their no. 1 target ? "Too gruesome" ? perleaaaaaaase !
7) Barack Obama's popularity was waning, now he's riding high in the popularity stakes again (not bad for a Hawaiian)
8) The US economy was on the verge of a 'double-dip recession' look at the Stock Market figures now !
9) First Bin Laden was armed with an AK-47 then he was unarmed and was shot because he was trying to defend himself ??????????????

I'm sure there's more, but everyone needs to take a step back, take a deep breath and examine what we do know. Remember, this is the nation which swore until they were blue in the face that Saddam Hussein had WMD (and loads of you, regretfully, fell for that one too).

Re: Obama One, Osama Nil

Yes, I agree there are a lot of strange twists to this tale. My post was written with some irony and tongue in cheek because I think it almost comical that our American cousins freak out at news of events like this. Staying up all night to celebrate the death of someone you don't know, who's on the other side of the world but who's image has been indelibly branded by the media on your brain for a decade is weird to say the least. A lot of the people celebrating were just kids when 9/11 took place. I do think though that for family members involved, for those who had lost a loved one in those traumatic hours will probably find comfort, solace, revenge, whatever, that the madman is dead. His disciples go on though and I just hope that "the **** DOESN'T hit the fan" with a new wave of terrorism.