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Singles (45 rpm)

Looking through a box of old singles recently I realised that the first two that I ever bought are missing. Did I throw them out in shame years ago? I can't remember. They were from 1969, the year before I took the 11 plus and moved to PGS to be introduced to some proper music! "Sugar" by the Archies and "Tracy" by the Cuff Links were the singles concerned and I can still see myself as a 10 year old jumping up and down on the couch enjoying every minute as I played them on my older sister's record player. This was in the days before I discovered headbanging or playing the air-guitar! My sister by the way had a great collection in an old suitcase which she donated at some time to Rainhill Hospital. How I would love to have that suitcase full of 45s today.

Re: Singles (45 rpm)

Incidentally, pop pickers, at number 2 in this week's Scott Clinic top 40 we've got Tracy by the Cuff Links and at number One there they are, for the forty-second year running, the Archies and Sugar (cont'd 247 mhz)

Re: Singles (45 rpm)

For all you pop-pickers (and anoraks) out there it might interest you to know that both songs by both bands, recorded in the same year, had the same vocalist, namely: Ron Dante. He did lead and background vocals by way of overdubbing.

Re: Singles (45 rpm)

Yes indeed, it looks like Fuzz cut his teeth on bubblegum.

Re: Singles (45 rpm)

Yeah, bubblegum it was Joey but luckily it was short and sweet and I drifted off onto other things. Just before joining PGS I went on holiday to Butlins in Wales and discovered my first ever jukebox. Full of singles of course just waiting to be chosen and played. I probably spent more money on that thing than I did in the penny arcade and the song that most people were picking was fittingly "In The Summertime" by Mungo Jerry. By the Autumn term though I'd discovered T.Rex and "Ride A White Swan" and started putting pictures of men wearing make-up on my wall, much to the consternation of my parents! Glam Rock had indeed arrived.

Re: Singles (45 rpm)

Anglo bubbly I hope?

Re: Singles (45 rpm)

Donated to Rainhill Hospital ???

That might have been Radio Rainhill - 395.(that moniker came from being the internal phone number)

I was with the station for about 9 years - other PGS lads were Paul and David Gibson, who were in Stu's year.

There's a story about the station to be written one day, I am sure .....


Re: Singles (45 rpm)

My Dad was a male nurse at Rainhill at the time so he took the records in. I don't know if they ended up with the radio station or were used at the discos, parties etc for patients and staff. I would have loved to have seen him on the dancefloor grooving away to some of those late '60s sounds. He was a Mario Lanza fan at home!

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