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In Praise of Older Women

Schoolboy fantasies, posters on our bedroom walls, lewd and lecherous thoughts whilst watching TV. Who were the women who turned you on in those traumatic years of puberty? Did you fancy Val Shaw or Val Singleton? Your French teacher for the way she looked or the dinner lady for the way she cooked? I had a lust for leather (Suzi Quatro and Emma Peel), a love for women with silly names (Lulu and Twiggy) and American singers (Liza Minnelli and Dolly Parton !!!)

Re: In Praise of Older Women

Some blokes like to have a relationship with a woman with no strings attached,but that was never for me, I fancied Venus, and Marla, Marina (and Atlanta!) Tin Tin, Penny,(cont'd Pod 94)

Re: In Praise of Older Women

Some beauties of the sixties:
Marianne Faithfull - leatherclad in the film "Girl on a Motorcycle" also known as "Naked Under Leather"
Julie Christie
Mary Hopkin
Petula Clarke
but definitely not... Cilla Black