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So, after all these years what do we have left from our schooldays? Has anyone been hoarding stuff in the attic to be handed down to the next generation or has it all been thrown out and forgotten? I've still got my PGS atlas which makes interesting reading these days because some of the countries in there don't even exist anymore. I also have my biology text book that we did up to O Level. It seems a bit basic now when I compare it to the book my daughter uses at her school. I've got my report book of course (embarassing and funny at the same time), complete with all the "autographs" of our legendary teachers! I've got my school cap (hidden somewhere at my sister's house), an aerial photo of the school (with me amongst the crowd of ants on the field under the helicopter), a postcard of Dent including White Hart House, a trophy inscribed "Excelsior" presented by JCS Weeks for having completed the Pennine Way and the book about the history of the school. That's it! Did anyone go souvenier hunting after the two fires that destroyed the school and has now old treasures sitting on the shelf at home?

Re: Memorabilia

ny chance of scanning some of this stuff eg book covers and sending to the Editor

Re: Memorabilia

Funny that, I've got an Atlas, Report book, a small container with a picture of the water fountain in Dent on it. Plus my house colours. Well, it's a bit of purple ribbon actually! And several copies of Pegasus from 1970 to the year we merged with the girls. The school mag went downhill after that.

Re: Memorabilia

Ive got some posters that I will scan to my site. PGS related going back to the 30's.
lancashire letterpress on facebook

Re: Memorabilia

Shurely Herr Stuck's house colours should have been in Omega gold?

Re: Memorabilia

Any copies of Pegasus will surely be worth fortunes. PLEASE scan them, so I can remind myself of times gone by

Ste Greenall - one of the Pegasus crew.

PS - one of the suggested names for the mag was Pigsty, suggested by our form tutor Tom Carty, but Nigel Griffiths over-ruled and Pegasus it was.