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Cup Mystery

Bad memory here I have to admit but someone out there must know what I'm on about. It was the early seventies and a certain Mrs Williams came into the classroom and instead of teaching us English like she normally did, she tried to impress us with a cup, won at Wembley by Leigh Rugby League team. Most of us couldn't care less as we were into football not rugby and the others were probably Saints fans anyway.
Question: how the hell did she get hold of the cup?

Re: Cup Mystery

I remember some lady teacher bringing it in. I think she was a keen follower and she and/or husband had some connection with the social side of the club. I also remember calling her 'mum' instead of 'miss' - did I get some stick!!

Re: Cup Mystery

I remember this happening as well. She wasn't my favourite teacher by any means as she had a habit of tugging you by the hair at ear level if you got a bit out of hand. It's painful, try it! I don't think she was at the school that long as she's not listed amongst ex-staff on this website. And the cup? Give me "Old Big Ears" anyday. The one that Carra took to his local pub in Bootle in 2005!