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It was thirty years ago today

John Lennon, singer, songwriter, poet, artist, actor, working class hero, ...... gone forever. I'm sure most of us can remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news of his death. At 40 years of age and on the verge of a new chapter in his colourful career I simply wrote in my diary at the time "absolutely amazed, what a ****in' waste". RIP John, we're still thinking about you.

Re: It was thirty years ago today

I was home on leave from Saudi Arabia and as I lay in bed, the sound of "Imagine" on next door's radio drifted through the wall into 31 Longview Drive.

When I went into the newsagents, later, they were discussing the shooting of John Lennon.

I remember drifting around Lime Street with thousands of others all waiting for something to happen in a spontanious gathering.

Dave Farrier

Re: It was thirty years ago today

I drove down Longview Drive yesterday with my son to show him where I was brought up - Number 37. The Quiet Man has been knocked down now and they are close to completing some nice looking houses. St Augustines has been knocked down and they are building a leisure centre but thirty odd years on from living there it seemed comfortingly familiar.