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The Prescotian Schooldays Forum
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Shahht Ahhp!

Re: Oi

this is a pgs forum doh!

Re: Oi

Cor blimey! It's the forumlore!

We've been round this one time and time again.
Non-contributing pedantic criticism.

It may be argued that the prolonged lack of traffic would indicate quite the opposite; ie it is not a PGS forum anymore.

Write something original, funny or otherwise.
Failing that tell us what colour bus you got (CM) to school.

Therein lies a truth maybe. Buses and football, nothing else matters.


Re: Oi

We need a bus for Woy to put him (and us!) out of our misery. A bus for Woy to WOY (Way Out Yonder), end of the line mate, last stop, don't come back. Give your keys to Kenny until we find someone else to take control because you are taking us nowhere. Choose any colour you like, just get out of town.

Re: Oi

And so we wake up to another wonderful Monday morning! Most of Merseyside (and Norway!) will be feeling good today. King Kenny has turned things round, we've lost a sulking, spoilt brat to Chelski but things are looking up because we beat 'em again yesterday, and how good it felt too! Fernando is probably checking his bank account and planning his next move.

Re: Oi

He was a Red but now's a Blue, Torres, Torres
He made a mess of his debut, Torres, Torres
He missed his chance then got pulled off
The travelling Kop could only scoff
Fernando Torres, Liverpool's doing fine!

Re: Oi



Where's tha' Ersatz Ponsey Armchair Pseudo Blue geezah when you need somebody to take the pizzzaaahhhttovv?

Re: Oi

Oi E Stender
Your grammar is getting worse.