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There were some security issues with my website which have been corrected.

G'Day, Everyone, I am happy to report that the concerns people may have had over the security of my website of www.mgkramerbooks.com have been fixed and there is no longer a problem. The progress of the writing of my new book about the Indochina Wars is that the word count has gone to 123,714 and the story is now examining the how the actions at Ba Ria and places like Binh Ba were seen through the eyes of the enemy. Usually, the enemy was under the impression that Australians are the lackeys of the USA. All the same, they tended to respect the Australians and even stated to an Australian reporter, "Your soldiers fight in the same way as we do, and that makes them a force to be reckoned with." The book starts with French activities in the Indochina (Indochina = the countries of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) region. That then goes on to the French colonisation of Indochina and the First Indochina War. that is followed by the Second Indochina War (also known as the Vietnam War) which shall soon have its story completed. After that, I will write about the third Indochina War. that happened after the American defeat in Vietnam in 1975 and it was when the Vietnamese Army invaded Cambodia and removed Pol Pot from power. I expect that this book entitled, "A Gracious Enemy" still requires the addition of up to 20,000 words and I think that completion may be in August/September 2019. Those who may be wondering if I have had army service in Vietnam are advised that I served with 9Pl, "C" Coy, 1RAR during 1968-=1969.
Kind regards - Michael G Kramer OMIEAust.