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Searching for NOK of Battalion COs and RSMs of the Vietnam War

Book 'A Duty Done' (see 5RAR Association Notice Board on website) to be donated to the Battalion COs and RSMs. We are having trouble locating the NOK. Can anyone help? Read thrust of email below being circulated.
Dear All
Of the 35 COs (17) and RSMs (18) who served in Vietnam I have sent:
16 Books to COs including NOK for 5 deceased;
8 books to RSMs including NOK for 4 deceased (one has been returned but the 9RAR Assoc are looking further afield).
The outstanding CO is NR Charlesworth (2RAR 1st Tour) who I understand is deceased. I need an address of a suitable NOK eg, widow, child, grandchild.
There is one RSM outstanding address - for WJ Birkett (1RAR 1st Tour) who I understand is still somewhere on the planet.
There are nine RSMs who I understand are deceased for which I need an address of a suitable NOK . They are:
GE Chinn (6RAR 1st Tour), DC Dalton (1RAR 2nd Tour), LT Foale (5RAR 1st Tour), WJ Hill (3RAR 2nd Tour), JD McKay (1RAR 1st Tour), LJ Moon ( 2RAR 1st Tour), AC Toghill (4RAR 1st Tour), CR Vagg (5RAR 2nd Tour)
and LA Williams (2RAR 2nd Tour).

I would appreciate if any of you can help in finding the addresses for these men whose long and distinguished service in the Regiment demand their memory is recognised.
Please email me if you can assist in any way