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Nominal Roll of D Coy 5 RAR at the Battle of Binh Ba

D Coy (minus) was the Ready Reaction Company at Nui Dat on 6 June 1969 and was deployed and played a central part in the significant Battle of Binh Ba.

Is there a nominal roll of those mebers of D Coy who were in the Ready Reaction Company who took part in the Battle of Binh Ba?

If so, please publish this information.

If there is no nominal roll, one needs to be researched.

Re: Nominal Roll of D Coy 5 RAR at the Battle of Binh Ba

G'day Wayne, we had a go at this back in 2009 for the 40th Anniversary, but unfortunately there are no actual formal records of who was deployed from D Coy or indeed others in Delta who were in Nui Dat but very much involved in support of the op. There were only about 60 blokes (plus/minus) who went out. We do know pretty reliably who was posted to D Coy at that time but many were doing other things from R&R to promotion courses or involved on other deployments and duties etc. Within the platoons/sections I guess the blokes memories may be reasonably close as to who was/wasn't "there". I know I was on other duties at Phu My with 3 or 4 12 platoon blokes but I can't recall who they were, I think my pl went out with about 12 blokes, with John Kennedy as pl comd.



Re: Nominal Roll of D Coy 5 RAR at the Battle of Binh Ba

Thanks Bob for your response and what you had to say is still very useful.

As you were in 12 Pl D Coy, one former soldier whose name has come up is Dave Yates and he was in 12 Pl. He was ARA and possibly a L/Cpl. He was later WIA on OP ESSO. He was born in the UK.

Any knowledge on him?

Many thanks,

Re: Nominal Roll of D Coy 5 RAR at the Battle of Binh Ba

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, just saw your October 2013 message!!

Re David Yates 447852, he was posted to Support Coy, Sigs Pl and attached to D Coy. My recall is that he was part of CHQ and not posted to 12pl, although it is possible he may have spent some time in the platoon although I have no recall of that. I don't know who was the pl sig when D Coy was reacted to Binh Ba, Ross Tobin who was my sig was on a promotions course as I recall.

I will give Peter "Doc' Jones a call to check his memory, he was in CHQ.

Best regards,