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Fire Service Volunteers marching.

Just thought I would see what everybody thinks of the suggestion that Rural Fire Service volunteers should be allowed to march on Anzac Day.

I am totally against it for the following reasons.

Anzac Day was started (correct me if I am wrong) to honour returned veterans that have served in a theater of war and has a very proud tradition of doing just that. Volunteer fire fighters do a great job and are at times in situations that are life threatening but they are not at war fighting for their country in a kill or be killed situation.

Volunteers that are also returned veterans can already march and if they wanted to march as a group then that is fine. The NSW Fire and Rescue and the NSW Police already do this.

I was a professional fire fighter for 35 years and if I was not a returned veteran I would be embarrassed to march on Anzac Day and would not do it.

Of course the volunteers should have some recognition for the top job they do so why not an Emergency Services Volunteers march. It could include all volunteers whose service puts them in danger for no payment except the gratitude of the citizens of Australia.

What do you think?