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Further Delay in the Publication of “Fighting to the Finish”

The long awaited 9th and final volume in the Australian official history of the Vietnam War is now scheduled to be available by Anzac Day 2012, a year later than first planned. Ashley Ekins, the head of the military history section at the Australian War Memorial, said the completed manuscript was sent to the publishers, Allen and Unwin, in February 2010 with a view to the book being published in time for Anzac Day this year (2011). But the publishers then decided to defer the release until August 2011, a date Mr Ekins said would have been appropriate as it coincided with the 45th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, Vietnam Veterans' Day. Unfortunately that date has been moved again, with the book now expected to reach the market in March or April 2012.
The book covers the four years from 1968 to 1972, marked as the greatest operational tempo for Australian forces over the course of the war.
At more than 700 pages, plus appendices, the final volume will be almost twice the length of Volume 8.

Book orders can be arranged through the AWM website at:

Re: Publication of “Fighting to the Finish”

"Fighting to the Finish" is now scheduled for release next month (in February 2012). See the Notice Board to this website for details.

Re: Publication of “Fighting to the Finish”

“Fighting to the Finish” is NOW PUBLISHED.
I received my pre-ordered copy by courier today.
You will need to work out in the gym before trying to lift it- it is HUGE.