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Anzac Day 2010

I have never marched on Anzac Day, never felt the need. This year I think I would like to give it a go in the Sydney march. So where do I find out the details of 5RAR's involvement.

Where to meet, when, who is marching, what happens after the march etc..

Any info would be appreciated fella's.

Alan Miles

Re: Anzac Day 2010

G'day Alan,

Blue Schafer informs me that a list sent out by the RSL says that 5RAR is to form up in Spring Street near O’Connell and Loftus Streets. Even if it is not exactly there we are easily found on the day as all the RAR battalions are in their groups nearby. We usually step off for the march at about 1100 hrs, but the time may vary slightly.
Most people congregate at a pub on the corner of Hunter and Pitt St prior to the march but it is difficult to get a drink of any kind because of the crowd.
After the march we go to the Crown Hotel on the corner of Goulburn and Elizabeth Streets to have a drink, tell a few lies and have some lunch.

Re: Anzac Day 2010

Thanks Dave. Got an e-mail from Blue and have booked a hotel.

See you there.