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The passing of Mick Skelly

G'day Guys...

As you are probably aware Mick Skelly passed away on Good Friaday at 10:00am. at the Goulburn Hospital.

I intend to write an obituary for Mick when appropriate after his funeral on Wednesday 7th April 2010, at 2:00pm and of course after speaking with his Mum (Joan) and Family. I knew Mick extremely well prior to our departure for Vietnam. I was posted to B Coy & mick to A Coy. when we arrived in Vietnam.

If any of Mick's mates in A Coy would like to add a few lines I would appreciate your input and we can then give him the good send off that Mick deserves.

I can be contacted on.... billomara@aapt.net.au

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Bill O'Mara