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Highway 15 Usage and Security - 1966

Thank you for your excellent website, and exemplary Vietnam service. I was with US Army supply units stationed in Long Binh and Tay Ninh 1966-1967. I have a question about Highway 15 (research for a unit history).Your account of Opeation Canberra was very helpful, and reconfirmed my recollection that Hwy 15 was not ordinarily used for military traffic in 1966, and required significant effort to secure it. The original members of my second unit (266th Quartermaster Battalion) recall debarking by LST at Vung Tau on 23 June 1966 and being transported up Hwy 15 to Long Binh on Army busses, with little-to-no accompanying escort. I'm thinking that would have been highly unusual, and wondering if anyone could comment if that kind of unescorted or lightly-escorted transit of Hwy 15 was unusual, common, or somewhere in between during the summer of 1966? Thank you for your kindness in reading, and any information you can provide.