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New look website.

G'day Ted....

I wish to congratulate you for the fast loading, revamped website. It looks and feels like a Rolls Royce. The enormous content used to give me time to
make a coffe waiting for it to load up. The new version takes less that a second.

In particular, the border around individual pics looks great. The contents page set out is a credit to you as it's still easy to navigate.

Now that we understand what you've been up to over the past few months what are you going to do in your spare time now that it's done.

Maybe the members will come up with something to keep you occupied. Got a few ideas already. But take the weekend off and I'll get back to you on that score.

Ted Harrison......Congratulations !

Bill O'Mara

Re: New look website.

Congratulations to Ted Harrison on doing a terrific job as web master.
The new-look website is modern, professional, attractive, well laid-out, responsive and smooth-operating.
All the blokes are in your debt Ted, and if the majority don’t express their feelings publicly, you can be sure that we are all silently most appreciative of your efforts. Not only that, but we are in awe that there is amongst us dinosaurs a person as computer-literate as yourself.
Indeed, there is little doubt that the 5RAR Association website is THE premium military website on the WWW. People who surf those sites have confirmed that many times previously, so you can bask in that glory Ted.
Well done mate.