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Michael Massie

I received the following message from Bill Edwards (5RAR 1st Tour) last night;
My brother-in-law, 39377 Michael Massie (5RAR 2nd tour), has been admitted to the Western General Hospital, Melbourne, with a stroke. He was already incapacitated by an earlier one, and his wife Kathy has now been given some time to address the issue of switching off life support. He has a number of RSL and 5 RAR friends in Victoria who may wish to pay their respects either before or after he passes on. I will be contacting the Noble Park RSL sub-branch tomorrow.
I think Kathy would be grateful for any of his friends who wanted to say farewell. I will release contacts details as soon as I have Kathy’s permission. In the meantime, anyone who wishes to can contact me on:
tel: 02 6254 4401 Mob: 0414 688 475.